The Fresh Breath Collection by Modere is the 1st EWG Verified oral care line. Our EWG Toothpaste and EWG Mouthwash work in sync to keep your mouth healthy, fresh and clean, day and night. Every item bearing the EWG Verified mark needs to meet tough criteria for compliance with extremely tough ingredient standards, full labeling transparency as well as good manufacturing practices (GMP).
For over thirty years, Modere has been dedicated to earning your trust with quality and safe products. Items that set a new and superior standard for effectiveness, created with ingredients you can feel confident about bringing into your home for your family to use. The choice to eliminate potentially harmful and unnecessary ingredients is intentional and the normally ingredients found in conventional formulations are nowhere to be found. That’s because what isn’t in your products is just as important as what is in your products.

Checkout Modere’s EWG toothpaste here and their EWG mouthwash here.

What’s the EWG?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a US-based organization that is specialized in advocacy and research in the areas of corporate accountability, agricultural subsidies, drinking water pollutants and toxic chemicals.
Ken Cook and Richard Wiles founded it in 1993 and it’s headquartered in Washington, D.C.
EWG has created a database, named Skin DeepĀ®, that lists 80,000+ personal care items and provides an overview of 150,000+ chemical ingredients that have been classified according to regulatory status and toxicity. These standards that have been established by EWG help consumers make better informed choices and support the mission to use only worry-free and clean ingredients in our products.

Time For A Change

Did you know U.S. cosmetics laws remain mostly unchanged since the Great Depression. Congress has left it up to consumers to find for out for themselves what harmful chemicals are in their personal products. Join the EWG, Modere and spokespersons like Kourtney Kardashian in taking a positive stand in the fight for reform in the cosmetics and personal care industries.