Collagen Coffee and Collagen Creamer are changing the hot beverage game by taking it into an amazing new wellness direction. Coffee in general isn’t though of like it once was. As the knowledge base for health and wellness has increased, it has become very clear that what we use to think of as the most acceptable addiction with no real benefits (other than tasting great) is in reality extremely good for you.
One research study found that consuming 4+ cups of coffee/day can increase longevity. Coffee is also loaded with antioxidants, and specifically in polyphenols. These help to defend against a number of health issues. Additional research shows that frequent coffee consumption encourages superior cardiovascular health.
With all that coffee does on it’s very own, you might consider it a wellness superstar. But the wellness experts have actually started pushing to making your Java even more healthy? The term is biohacking, and it’s essentially just adding extra ingredients into your coffee to improve your focus, boost your energy, support your health and generally help you have a better day.
A morning cup of coffee has become a routine for most of us, and like we mentioned, the research shows that coffee can even have some great health benefits of its own. Still, if you want to take your coffee game to the next level by biohacking, why not supercharge it with a nutrient that can boost your body? You know, something like collagen, which a mega popular supplement that has been talked about heavily on almost every health food store and blog over the last couple of years.


So Just What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a nutrient that is found in gelatin. It’s a substance that comes from the bones of animals, primarily poultry, seafood and livestock. So bones are a great source of collagen, but they’re also packed with additional amino acids like glutamine and glycine that have many other benefits for the whole body.


Why Collagen Is Needed?

The body’s connective tissues is mostly made up of Collagen and as we get older, our bodies natural collagen production slows down. This is one of the main reasons why a loss of elasticity in the skin is associated with aging. This alone is a great reason to include collagen with your morning beverage.
Let’s look back at our history for a second to see why it’s truly required. Collagen was once a massive part of our ancestors’ nutrition. Since it’s a big part of the connective tissues, ligaments and bones, there was no shortage of it in their common diet. Things like bone marrow, nourishing broths and organ were commonly consumed but these ingredients aren’t very common in today’s society. Additionally whatever collagen that is left over is usually removed through our modern food processing methods.


Why Drink Your Coffee With Collagen Daily

Research has shown that collagen works it’s best when taken daily. What easier way of getting that daily dose than with your morning cup of fresh brew.
You’re essentially turning your coffee into a super-food with a ton of additional benefits.


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What Collagen Can Do:

1. It’s commonly been most known as a beauty supplement. The reason for this is it’s an important part of obtaining and maintaining youthful-looking skin, healthy hair and strong nails. It works by renewing cells and providing extra elasticity and lubrication and elasticity.
It can also be helpful in reducing signs of aging. This includes fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Collagen is also commonly used to help with supporting ligaments, tendons, joints and bones. This is referred to as musculoskeletal health.


Massive Potential

About 150 million adults drink coffee in the U.S. That is a huge opportunity for potentially helping with general wellness simply by adding collagen into the mix.

Meet Bone Broths Replacement

Around the 2015 time-frame bone broth became extremely popular among health and wellness bloggers. Bone broth is really just meaty bones that are simmered to make a rich broth that you sip on. The big issue with bone broth is that it takes a long time time to make. Instead of simmering a huge pot all day people are opting for the simplicity of collagen supplements.


Not All Collagen Is Created Equal

As with all things there are various qualities of product on the market. Sometimes it has to do with processing and manufacturing sometimes it has to do with the design itself.
Liquid BioCell has a mix of hydrolyzed collagen type II along with hyaluric acid (HA) and chondroitin sulfate. These work together to better the effects and it’s patented manufacturing creates a molecular weight that can be absorbed effectively by the body. Essentially, it mimics a joints natural composition so your body will accept it more readily.


Designed For Convenience And Results

So with all this coffee talk I’m sure many of you have been thinking “It sounds inconvenient to have to start mixing all these extra things into my drink”. Agreed. That’s why products like Logiq Coffee is designed so you don’t need to do any extra work. Using a tetrablend along with the above mentioned revolutionary collagen source, this coffee tastes great and offers all the benefits we’ve been talking about. The best part is, all you need to do is brew it.


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Don’t Forget The Collagen Coffee Creamer

Cream is a must for many but be we need to be careful as a lot of the mass produced creamers are loaded with unhealthy ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and trans fats.
Needless to say regular coffee cream is a better option but it doesn’t bring anything to the table (other than flavor). Instead, why not opt for a something that biohacks this portion of your beverage as well. Something like Logiq Creamer.
Regardless of your choices, if you’re wanting your coffee to stay on the healthier side of things healthy, you’ll need to stay away from sugar. Four teaspoons of sugar is equal to about sixteen grams. That’s a good percentage of the limit of 25 grams that the World Health Organization recommends.


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Final Thoughts

With more and more people changing their habits towards a healthy lifestyle it’s not surprising that even the most common things are seeing changes. If it can be improved to be healthier then their are people willing to give it a shot. This is a great thing to see as it benefits everyone.

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