Modere Carb Blocker slows the absorption and digestion of carbohydrates* and supports your weight management goals.
Carb Blocker by Modere is a cleverly engineered supplement made with white kidney bean extract and hibiscus to help minimize the effects of carb consumption,thus reducing their glycemic caloric impact. *
White kidney bean extract has been shown to delay the absorption and digestion of carbs*, the body you desire is within your grasp.
Let’s talk carbs. A realistic approach to weight management includes carbs. Not just from bread or pasta, but also from healthy vegetables and fruits, and of course the rare dessert. Our brains and bodies need carbohydrates for producing energy to keep us functioning and thinking clearly. But, too many carbs can cause issues.

White kidney bean extract to help block carbs

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Modere Carb Blocker has white kidney bean extract, which has demonstrated an ability to inhibit the enzyme alpha amylase. Alpha amylase is connected with the digestion of starches, and by inhibiting this enzyme, Carb Blocker aids in reducing the conversion of starches into sugars to help deal with the effects of carbs on your body. With an exercise program and calorie reduced diet, Carb Blocker can help keep you on target with your personal weight management goals.


• White kidney bean help to slow down the absorption and digestion of carbs*
• White kidney bean minimizes the caloric impact of starchy foods*
• Aids in lowering the glycemic index of carb-rich food*
• Supports weight management or weight loss goals in a routine that includes a
calorie reduced diet and exercise*

Modere Carb Blocker Label

MOdere Carb blocker label