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Reduce cravings. Boost metabolism. Burn extra calories.*

Modere Burn is a fat burning formula that kick starts metabolism and boosts energy to support your weight loss goals. Made with a special thermogenic blend including fucoxanthin from seaweed and natural caffeine from green tea and coffee beans. Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, Burn includes key plant derived ingredients such as olive pulp to give nutritional support that’s paramount to keeping a healthy weight.* Burn has 3 targeted blends in 1 powerful formula. SupportBlend for antioxidant support with cell protection, GlucoBlend to help with healthy glucose levels and TrimBlend to boost energy and calorie burning. These 3 blends and their ingredients were very carefully selected to work synergistically to help support thermogenesis and metabolism.

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With Burn Modere has created a scientifically engineered thermogenic that increases your metabolism with it’s powerful blend of fat burning , plant derived ingredients.*
Powerful coastal seaweed extract, fucoxanthin, has been proven to promote fat oxidation. Burn contains 3x more than leading brands.*
Berberine from the Indian barberry plant as well as essential chromium complete the trio of main ingredients. Both of these help to support healthy blood glucose levels within the normal range, to ultimately minimize unwanted cravings.*
Lastly, coffee bean and green tea supply natural caffeine while olive pulp extract adds nutritional support. The result? Burn works so well, we’ve included it in both the M3 system and the Lean Body Sculpting System.*


• Helps to boost metabolism*
• Helps with maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, reducing unwanted cravings*
• Boosts energy*
• Burns additional calories*
• Plant derived fat burning ingredients*

Modere Burn Reviews

If your looking for a Modere Burn review or testimonials then you’ve come to the right place. Check them out below.

AMAZING. NO cravings, and I lost 13.5″ in nine weeks!

This stuff is amazing. It’s what I’ve been looking for all my life. No jitters, no rebound.

Michelle H.

This keeps me going all day without a crash and it curbs my appetite. I love it.

Kathy K.

It keeps my appetite under control and offers the energy needed to keep with my 4 small kids.

Helps me with cravings, focus and energy. And I don’t get jittery. I’m down 15 lbs with this in the M3 system.

Energy without any jitters. Love it!

This is my favorite product. I like that I can get clean energy & focus without my heart beating fast. Also no crash.

Maeleea D.

Went from needing 3 coffees/day to zero instantly. No cravings, lots of energy, and have lost 13.5″ in 9 weeks

Nadia F.

Amazing. I’m down 28 lbs and can’t imagine life without it.

Pauline V.

Love Burn. Wakes me up. Gives me energy. Helps me loose weight. It makes you forget about eating and has changed my life.

Holly A.

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