Vitamin-rich Modere Antioxidant Gel reduces the visual effects of harsh chemicals, cosmetics, and environmental exposure on your skin. It helps to penetrate the surface layers, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and bring back a luminous glow.

Womans face with very clear skin

Most commonly antioxidant serums are created with cream, which can cause problems like greasiness due to excess oil. Modere’s Antioxidant Gel is tailored to oily and combination skin because it helps hydrate without grease. Our Gel is engineered with vit C to help support your skin’s natural oxidant defenses. Each use also has Orange Peel Oil and Vitamin E for maximum conditioning, tone health, and moisture preservation.

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• Reduces visual effects of cosmetics, pollution, environmental exposure, and harsh chemicals
• Brightens your skin tone for increased glow
• Vitamin-rich formula strengthens, protects and brings back your luminense
• Has antioxidants for ideal skin health
• Concentrated, lightweight and water-free formula brings amazing complexion-benefits
• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by penetrating into your surface layers
• Protects skin from the elements