Aloe vera has been one of the most widely used therapeutic plants throughout human history, and today we have even more nice things to say about it thanks to the discoveries of modern science. Modere Aloe Vera is a liquid formulation containing a blend of pure aloe vera gel, honey, pear juice, and botanical tea extracts blended to aid immune function, aid in overall digestive regularity and hydrate the body while providing electrolytes for proper fluid balance. It’s a feel-good formula that keeps you feeling balanced and regular. And let’s be honest: When your digestive system is up to par, you’re also up to par. That’s why a shot of Aloe Vera is the perfect pick-me-up for your downtrodden system. It’s an honest formula made with whole, natural ingredients. If you’re seeking proof that a simple solution is better, here it is.

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Aloe Vera:Modere has created a liquid supplement that offers the holistic benefits of the aloe vera plant, nine enzymes, twenty amino acids, an electrolyte complex to aid with support of cellular function, and polysaccharides to help with optimal immune support and digestive regularity.

Aloe Vera aids in healthy digestion, a clean intestinal tract and healthy cellular functioning.* Our Aloe Vera is sourced from from premium plants and includes tasty, natural juices for even more added benefits.

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• Made with pure, organic, premium quality Aloe Vera
• Made with natural fruit juices
• Has naturally occurring electrolytes to help support cellular functions*
• Aloe Vera polysaccharides and Aloe Vera gel support gastrointestinal health and intestinal tract cleaning*
• Includes natural honey to help with digestive regularity and to provide digestive support*
• Made with natural pear juice to support immune function and energy production*
• Great, light, sweet flavor

Modere Aloe Vera Ingredient Label

Modere Aloe Vera label