With Fiber Modere has designed a supplement with psyllium husk to give you twenty four percent of the recommended daily value in each serving. That’s 2x as much as the leading brand.
Modere Fiber is a naturally flavored, super easy-to-mix fiber supplement that helps to promote gastrointestinal health and bowel regularity, and is also designed with probiotics to maintain beneficial intestinal flora.
Unless you eat a big salad daily, the chances are you are not getting enough fiber. Modere makes it simple to supplement your fiber intake, with a blend of insoluble and soluble fiber that you can add to your favorite smoothie, drink or just H2O. Natural citrus flavor means it isn’t bland, this product actually tastes pretty darn good on its own.
Fiber helps maintain cholesterol levels already within normal range, promotes regularity, and it helps you feel full so you don’t feel nearly as starved when mealtime arrives. It’s the missing part of your diet that your body wants and needs just as much as carbs or protein.
Also our Fiber comes with a probiotic built right in, something most others don’t. This helps maintain beneficial intestinal flora. You take vitamins and supplements you know are good for you, but how many can actually feel working? This is actually your favorite supplement. You just don’t know it is yet.


• Six grams of insoluble and soluble fiber per serving to aid with digestive health*
• Psyllium seed husk helps promote bowel regularity and feeling of fullness between meals*
• Bacillus coagulans helps to promote helpful gut flora and healthy gastrointestinal functions*
• Fiber supplementation helps with maintaining cholesterol levels already within the healthy range*
• Mixes easily into juice, water, or smoothies
• Sugar free, naturally citrus flavor, naturally sweetened with stevia
• Get twenty four percent of the recommended daily value of fiber
• Twice the fiber of leading brand per serving & is Gluten Free
• Equivalent to the amount of fiber in 9 cups of raw spinach or 1.5 cups of boiled brussels sprouts
• Helps to promote a healthy digestive system*
• Supports bowel regularity and waste removal*
• Supports gastrointestinal health*
• Promotes intestinal tract functions *
• Helps to support colon health*
• Supports feelings of well-being*

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Modere Fiber Tub