With Exfoliant Modere has designed an effective and gentle way to get rid of impurities and dead skin, because luminous and smooth skin is beautiful skin.

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Modere Exfoliant is leading the way in the eco-conscious clarifiers market. It features a unique blend of prickly pear, jojoba beads and bamboo to tone and condition. Exfoliant also visibly tightens the look of pores, betters complexion and revitalizes skin. And, because it’s made by Modere, you can rest easy knowing that it is gentle on your skin and even gentler on the environment.


• Removes surface impurities and dead skin cells without harsh enzymatic chemicals or abrasive scrubbing
• Visibly restores and rejuvenates skin to a balanced state, which leaves your skin receptive to further skin care
• Polishes and massages the skins surface with jojoba beads, prickly pear and bamboo for a glowing and smooth complexion
• Designed with biodegradable jojoba beads