With Sync Modere has designed a product that lessens late night cravings and optimizes digestion in a tasty, gluten free shake with a blend of plant fibers.
As you start toget ready for your evening meal, sync your digestive tract to curb late-night cravings and optimize digestion. Studies have shown that most people take in less than the recommended amount of fiber per day. Modere Sync contains a unique combo of all 3 essential fibers: prebiotic, insoluble and soluble.
Sync is a tasty chocolate flavored treat that includes a blend of insoluble, soluble and prebiotic fibers to synchronize weight management and digestion. This one hundred percent plant derived fiber drink is based on the Mediterranean diet which relies on lots of fruits and vegetables. Designed to include oats for their natural heart healthy beta- glucan content and utilizing soluble fibers from acacia and prebiotic-rich apples and peas, Sync uses plant based ingredients to support wellbeing in addition to your digestive health. Fiber plays a big role in weight management and heart health and offers many other benefits. As a soluble fiber, oat beta-glucans can help in binding dietary fats to support removal from your body. Fibers from Mediterranean acacia, peas and apples help with purifying the digestive tract and removing unwanted waste and chemicals.

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• Helps with supporting healthy heart and healthy cholesterol levels*
• Curb late night cravings*
• Digestion Optimization*
• Promotes regularity & purifies digestive tract*
• Contains a blend of soluble, insoluble and prebiotic fiber
• Natural chocolate flavored shake
• Includes apple pectin, whole oat bran & gum acacia
• 100% plant-derived fibers
• Gluten free, no added sugar, vegan

Modere Sync Ingredient Label

Modere Sync label