With Sustain Modere has created a delicious weight management shake to help you reduce daily calories, curb appetite and give your body the protein it requires to build healthy muscle. Sustain brings in aspects of the Mediterranean lifestyle such as Vitamin D3 and vegetable based proteins while avoiding allergenic milk additives.
Satisfy that craving with a creamy smooth shake. Modere Sustain is made with plant-derived ingredients, fiber, minerals, and vitamins to help control cravings and help you feel fuller, for longer. A Modere Sustain shake mirrors the Mediterranean diet offering a variety of nutrients to reduce caloric intake throughout the day and curb your appetite. *

A jogger stretching his quads

This tasty, vegan shake has 1 of the few “complete”, natural proteins that contains all nine essential amino acids. Pea protein is naturally soy and cholesterol free. In addition Vitamin D3 provides the benefits of the Mediterranean sun, by supporting immune system, muscle and skin function.

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• Curbs appetite*
• Help you feel full*
• Made with over twenty vitamins and minerals
• Ten grams of plant derived protein
• Has all nine essential amino acids
• Vegan, Gluten Free, and Zero Sugar

Sustain – Chocolate

Modere Sustain choco package

Sustain – Vanilla

Modere Sustain package Vanilla