With Modere Wrinkle Guard we’ve combined vitamin E, French plum oil, and rose hip oil, to create a modern day “fountain of youth” which can help with minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Each and every day, your skin is at war with the environment. As we age, the skin loses efficiency in cell turnover and older skin may appear dry, with an uneven texture. While we can’t avoid skin aging, we can hold it at bay. We can minimize the visibility of aging with proper nutrition and by utilizing a moisturizing skin care line that helps support the skin’s natural protective barrier. You know, something like Wrinkle Guard.
With wrinkle Guard the right ingredients get sent to your skin, noticeably improving skin texture with nutrients to improve the skin’s surface. It nourishes and protects, all while bettering the feel of dry skin, for a smoother complexion. It also refines your skin’s texture to leave your complexion looking youthful, even gorgeous and also slowing the appearance of skin aging.

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Based on both scientific and traditional skin care, this safety-conscious formulation blends active ingredients like rose hip oil, vitamin E, and French plum oil for an enhancing treatment that both nurtures and soothes skin. This matrix works synergistically to minimize the appearance of pores, dryness, roughness, and unsightly skin, all while offering skin a sizable source of moisturizing nourishment.

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• Betters skin texture, leaving skin looking smoother and softer
• Helps to support your skins natural moisture barrier with lipid ingredients
• Moisturizes your dry skin
• helps provide antioxidant benefits to skin to minimize the visibility and appearance of wrinkles and fine lines