Modere Weight Management

Ever notice how 2 individuals of the same weight and height can have 2 completely different physiques? You body composition is the ratio of muscle – fat in your body. Because muscle is much denser than fat, 1 lb of muscle is much smaller than 1 lb of fat. So the goal is increase lean muscle mass while decreasing fat.

Our effective yet safe product lineup helps you to achieve your physical goals and live a healthy lifestyle. As part of the trio of health you can work in the most efficient manner to get the best version of you.

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Weight Management With Diet

Calories in, calories out. The first foundational item in managing your weight is obviously with diet. A sustainable long term option is much better than a heavy handed, fly by night option that will leave you feeling unhappy with meal times. That’s why we a big fans of the Mediterranean diet. Slower , but steady and sustainable.

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Get Up & Get Active

Once again, calories in, calories out. The second item in managing your weight is activity. Same thing applies here. You don’t need to turn into an Olympic level athlete overnight, the goal isn’t to injure yourself. Just start with achievable goals of daily activity. Everyone is different so get active for you and gradually raise the bar.

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The Helping Hand Of Supplementation

The third item in managing your weight or weight loss is supplementation. Get the foundation right with diet and activity and add in the Modere weight loss and weight management products to  give you that edge.

Modere Weight Loss Products

Modere Carb Blocker bottle
Carb Blocker
Modere Burn bottle
Modere Meal Replacement
Meal Replacement
Modere Sustain choco package
Modere Trim Vanilla bottle
Modere Sync container
Body Sculpting Kit
Body Sculpting

Modere Weight Loss Reviews

Lost 30 pounds with Trim using portion control with some added cardio. Love the flavour.


Love the taste of chocolate Trim! It’s like a dark chocolate pudding cup.


I have tried many weight loss systems over the years. Nothing works like M3, it has changed my life.


I love the Burn product. Keeps me going throughout the day without any crash and it curbs my appetite.


I highly recommend this carb blocker. I’ve used it for a couple months with great results!