Modere Vital gives your body key components of the Mediterranean diet such as olive pulp, resveratrol and lycopene. It also supports heart and cardiovascular health while promoting a normal and healthy inflammatory response.*
Scientific studies demonstrate that the Mediterranean diet offers exceptional, all-natural benefits that help support cardiovascular health. Vital gives key antioxidant components of the Mediterranean Diet. Support antioxidant capacity and digestive function with Vital by Modere.*
Do you know that a Mediterranean diet might slow down weight gain related to age?

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Research shows that implementing a Mediterranean diet helps people to lose fifty two percent more weight than a normal low-fat regimen. Vital offers components of the Mediterranean diet to help fuel your active lifestyle.† Inspired by the healthy benefits of the Mediterranean diet, Vital is a supplement designed with ingredients that target heart and cardiovascular health.* Vital includes key antioxidant components and extracts of ingredients regularly found in the Mediterranean Diet, a diet that includes a large supply of fresh vegetables, fruits and healthy oils. By using key ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet like Lycopene, Olive Polyphenol and Resveratrol, Vital supports cardiovascular heart health and helps to promote a healthy inflammatory response.*

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• Helps to provide full body antioxidant support*
• Includes Hidrox® Olive Pulp Extract, which is a powerful phytonutrient
• Formulated with lycopene and resveratrol to fight free radical damage*
• Helps support healthy inflammatory response*
• Supports healthy cholesterol levels that’s already within the normal range*
• Supports heart and cardiovascular health*
• Gain more energy, naturally‡
• Helps to maintain a healthy weight when part of an active lifestyle†*

† A successful, healthy weight management program includes a balanced diet, reduced caloric intake as well as
regular physical activity. Always consult your physician before starting any new exercise program or diet.

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