Vigor by Modere contains an extract of the root of Fo-Ti, an herb used by traditional Chinese herbalists as a key ingredient in anti-aging tonics.
Support cardiovascular health and promote stamina with the well-known adaptogenic blend of traditional Chinese herbs. *

Fo-Ti Root

According to Chinese legend, a famine struck the village of a poor man, Mr. He. While most people left in search of food and work, Mr. He could not leave and resorted to gathering wild plants and roots to keep from starving. One of those wild edibles was the bitter root of the fo-ti plant. Gradually, Mr. He regained his health. His complexion brightened and his gray hair turned black again. He went on to live a long, vital life and the fo-ti root was credited for his remarkable journey.
The root of the polygonum multiflorum herb, more commonly known as fo-ti, has been suggested to replenish energy, support overall well-being and promote youthful vigor. And, these are just a few of the posited benefits attributed to this rejuvenating root. You don’t have to believe the legend of Mr. He to feel the power of fo-ti. Just give it a try.

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• Promotes youthful vigor and overall well-being*
• Contains ingredients to support anti-aging processes*
• Supports antioxidant capacity*
• Supports cellular health*

Modere Vigor Label

Modere Vigor Label