Tria™ helps you to get much more out of each and every workout, work day, evening out, and adventure with it’s Advanced Energy Science . Its rejuvenating formula has our powerful clean energy complex, the multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology and ten phytonutrient-rich super-fruits. Regardless if you are needing an extra energy boost to get you extra steam to focus at work for your 2pm meeting, that little extra for a workout, or you just want to keep your skin glowing and joints mobile, Tria™ can help out. It provides mental focus, energy, as well as a beauty boost in a power packed formula to revitalize you inside and out. Of course its awesome carbonated and natural citrus flavor is bound to make you smile with every sip!

√ Fantastic taste
√ No dairy
√ GMO-free

Modere Energy Drink image with people full of energy loving life


• Fuel for mental and physical performance, thus reducing fatigue*
• Great clean energy with no crash and no jitters*
• Heighten your mental clarity, motivation as well as mood*
• Improve your concentration, endurance and of course, energy*
• Naturally flavored and sweetened with only 110 calories
• 110 mg of natural caffeine
• Gluten-Free
• Promotes muscle and joint fitness, which helps with reducing joint discomfort*
• Formulated with the patent Collagen/HA Matrix Technology™
that helps to support healthy hair,skin, gums,eyes, nails, and cell maintenance*

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Modere Tria – Melon

Modere Tria Melon flaor

Modere Tria – Citrus

Modere Tria Citrus flavor

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I sure do love the subtle, steady energy Tria gives me. My spouse is caffeine sensitive but can sip this all day for a steady energy source.


Tastes much better than other energy drinks but Tria has way more benefits. Very good.


I really like this not just for the energy it provides but for the added focus as well. I feel way more productive when using this product.