Get brushing without the fluoride. Modere Toothpaste is made with natural peppermint oil to support fresh, minty breath and healthy general oral care.
Modere Toothpaste is the ultimate solution for your tooth brushing needs. Designed with water soluble abrasives and natural peppermint oil to get you effective cleaning and fresh breath, this toothpaste has no controversial or harmful ingredients and uses naturally derived sweeteners instead of synthetics or aspartame. Our non-toxic formula is safe for the entire family to use, plus its delicious natural peppermint flavor is refreshing and cool.

Peppermint leaves

Everyone just loves the feeling of fresh breathe and clean teeth, so when decided to design the ultimate toothpaste we knew that we had to find a way to do it without using any unnecessary sweeteners or harsh ingredients. We started out with hydrated silica, a very fine, gel abrasive that helps to gently clean your teeths enamel surface. Then we added sodium chlorite to help with keeping bad breath at bay, while the peppermint oil leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Last but not least, we used sorbitol, which is a naturally derived sweetener found in some fruits, as well as xylitol, a sweetener that’s been shown to have positive effects on your teeth. The end result is a perfect sweet and minty flavor that your whole family will just love.

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• 1st ever EWG VERIFIED™ toothpaste in the world and part of our fully-verified Modere Oral Care lineup
• All products with the EWG VERIFIED™ logo meet rigorous criteria, manufacturing transparency, strict compliance & ingredient standards, and robust labeling
• Uses naturally derived sweeteners and no sugar yet tastes great
• Fluoride free
• Water-soluble abrasives clean well without damaging the tooth enamel
• Supports healthy gums and teeth
• Non-toxic formula means it’s safe for your whole family
• Natural peppermint oil freshens your breath

Modere Toothpaste Ingredients

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Modere Toothpaste Reviews

My mouth has never felt this clean. Great toothpaste!

Kim H.

Great toothpaste. I love the flavor and the natural abrasives are gentle and effective.

Shannon H.

I love this toothpaste and the fact that there is no alcohol or fluoride. It’s also the only toothpaste that has never bothered my sensitive teeth.

This is my favorite product. I have sensitive teeth and love using Modere toothpaste. Effective yet gentle.

Rebecca M.

I’m obsessed. My teeth are visibly cleaner and whiter. I love that a small amount goes a long way.

Chelsea R.