One of the simplest changes someone can make to their lifestyle to improve their well-being is to find ways to walk more during the day. With the M3 Pledge, the goal is to walk 7500 steps per day. For many, this might seem like a huge problem, especially if you have a desk job, but it can easily be done with a little creative thinking.

According to, it takes about 10,000 steps to burn about 500 calories, but let’s not get too wild and crazy and instead start with 7500, which ends up being about 375 calories. You can up this number as time goes on.

It can seem impossible if you’re not typically active, but here are a few helpful tips to walk more steps so you can reach your goals to an active and healthy life.

Park A Little Farther Away

Don’t worry about landing that coveted spot close to the building. Parking farther away is a hidden benefit to you! Whether you are going to the gym, school or work, an extra minute or two of walking can very easily add up over the run of the day.

Skip The Elevator

Take the stairs when possible and manageable. No need to walk up to the 40th floor, that’s just torture! When you do take the steps, jog up, take 2 at a time, simply do something to help up your exertion to get those steps in and burn more calories.

Make It A Habit & Commitment

Adding 7500 steps daily to your routine is a big lifestyle change if you don’t walk much already. You know it’s good for you, so just teach yourself mentally that it needs to be done and then do it. Make it a routine. Walk at the same time daily. Add a few hundred steps to your walk. You can get big results from these tiny changes.

Pedometer Time

Using a pedometer makes it official and adds accountability. More advanced pedometers will buzz or beep if you’ve been motionless for too long, so they’ll remind you to get up and moving. You don’t need to spend big money for a simple step-counting tool,  any kind of pedometer will help out with you reaching your goals.

Family Walks

Go as a family or walk with your K9 fur buddy. By making it with people you love it turns it into something you look forward to. Plus, you get quality time with family.

There are a handful of idea but get creative because all that really matters is getting active and moving around. Do it daily and you’ll see a difference in your health and your life.

To learn more about adding M3 to your activity efforts, go here.