Modere Supplements: Because Everyone’s Goals Are Different

We all take supplements for a wide variety of reasons but the one reason we all have in common is to be healthier…better. Whether you are looking to up your athletic game, trim down, or keep your health and wellness in check, Modere has your back.

Modere Health And Wellness products are backed by world class scientific support. Our scientific board is made up of highly respected doctors, industry experts and scientists. Each member represents a ton of experience and offer it in their specialized area. Thanks to these specialists we get amazing insight into holistic well being information as well as the latest nutritional scientific trends.

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Highest Quality Ingredients

We assess the origins for 100% nutritional ingredients.

Analyse 100% of our raw materials for identity.

Identify botanicals by genus and species by HPTLC.

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Innovative, Safe, and Effective Formulations

We employ the top formulators and regularly consult our scientific board with more than 100 years of combined experience.

100% of finished products are tested for micro-organisms.

100% irradiation testing on botanicals for nutritional products.

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Manufactured With Care

100% manufactured in the USA from domestic & imported ingredients.

Recyclable packaging.

All products follow higher GMP standards.

Allergen segregated warehousing.

Modere Health & Wellness Supplement Categories

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Active Health
Weight Management
Weight Management
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General Health
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Targeted Health