Modere Shower Gel is made with pomegranate and other skin nourishing ingredients. Plus it offers you a luxurious lather without sulfates. Every time you step into the shower, let the uplifting botanicals rejuvenate your senses.

• Offers a marvelous lather without the sulfates
• Certified cruelty free by PETA
• Energize the senses with rejuvinating botanical extracts
• Refreshing citrus scent
• Includes a derivative of vitamin B5 called panthenol that conditions your skin
• Gently and naturally exfoliates with soothing ingredients for smooth, silky skin
• Contains sudsing elements to make every trip to the shower feel like a trip to the spa
• Has cranberry fruit extract, which is a powerful fruit extract offering great skin conditioning benefits
• Includes glycerin, which is a humectant. This means it attracts, draws in and retains moisture

Clean your precious skin with Modere Body Wash all while you live clean.

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Modere Body Wash bottle