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Modere Revitalize is a tasty, caffeine free way to help support cellular energy, get balanced hydration and nutrition and enhance your metabolism.* As a bonus the ultra-convenient stick pack means you can mix a 15-calorie, no-sugar-added and fresh serving anywhere, any time.

From an underground salt deposit left behind from the ancient Sundance Sea, over seventy trace minerals are blended with 7 crucial micro and macro minerals and Himalayan sourced shilajit to create Revitalize. This amazing daily supplement transforms regular water with super-charged minerals, promoting ideal energy levels and health.*

Why would anyone drink regular mineral water when you can Revitalize daily?

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• Provides a blend of over seventy Sundance Sea trace minerals, shilajit from the
Himalayan mountains and 7 crucial micro and macro minerals
• Encourages hydration, enhances energy and supports metabolism*
• Helps obtain optimal energy levels*
• Offers essential minerals to fill nutritional gaps common in modern diets
• Dissolves in water for better absorption
• Supports ideal health and well-being


• Handy single serve stick pack
• 0 sugar added
• Just fifteen calories per serving
• Natural mixed berry flavor
• Vegan and Gluten free, Non GMO

Modere Revitalize Ingredients Label

Modere Revitalize label