Why Have A Modere Review Section?

Online reviews play an important part of today’s shopping experience. Just how important are these reviews to potential customers? Far more important than most people realize. In fact, over 90% of shoppers will read online reviews before checking out a site or business. A massive 88% of shoppers trust online product reviews just as much as a personal recommendation or referral! Not surprising only about 3% of people said reviews never factored into their shopping decision

Most people don’t like buyer’s remorse and reviews are how they avoid this from happening.

To save you time from searching all over the internet we’ve compiled some Modere product reviews of various products.

Modere Testimonials

5 star review image I’ve been taking BioCell for about a month now and it helps with my stiff joints. Tastes great too.

Penny W., BioCell Life

5 star review image BioCell is changing my life. I’m a runner and I use to snap, crackle and pop when I would run. No more. That’s all gone and I feel amazing.

Nicole P., BioCell Life

5 star review image I have torn cartilage in my knees and this is helping with that. 3 weeks in and I’m starting to see better recovery times post workout.

Nicole C., BioCell Pure

5 star review image When I drink a Tria pre-workout I really notice a difference in how well I perform. Energized with zero jitters.

Amber B., Tria - Melon

5 star review image Love these. Great taste and the energy I get is amazing. Plus it’s sugar-free.

Hannah B., Tria - Melon

5 star review image Best flavor. I’ve lost so many inches with it. It’s good in coffee too.

Rachelle L., Trim - Coconut Lime

5 star review image I have oily skin in my T-Zone and this helps with controlling it. I can’t go without it.

Michelle K., Day Lotion - Combination Skin

3.5 star review

It has a nice scent and glides on smoothly leaving my skin feeling nice and clean. Size is a little smaller than expected though.

Carol S., Toner - Dry Skin

5 star review image Finally, a toner that does not burn when I put it on.

Wendy G.., Toner - Dry Skin

5 star review image My fine lines are disappearing and my pores are smaller. Plus my skin is smoother and softer. Love it.

Toni G., I/D - Anti-Aging

5 star review image If you want a lightly scented bar that has a great sudsing action then this is it. It’s long lasting and leaves you feeling nice and clean but not dry.

Lisa W., Body Soap

5 star review image I’m in love with this body butter. I’ve never had such soft skin. I’m using it nightly before bed.

Lynne U., Body Butter

5 star review image Love it. Works, Doesn’t stain, and is safe. Perfection.

Marcelle W., Deodorant

5 star review image This shower gel is my favorite. I feel fresh and clean and it has no junk in it.

Donald B., Shower Gel

5 star review image Smooth shave with no bumps, burns or irritation afterwards. My face feels clean, smooth and soft after use.

Terry S., Shave Cream

3.5 star review

Light feeling, not stiff like gel. Feels clean with a great all day style.

Jim M., Hair Styling Cream

5 star review image Love this shampoo, it’s the best I’ve ever used! My hair feels really clean and has tons of volume. My hair also doesn’t get greasy nearly as fast.

Asia D., Shampoo - All Hair Types

5 star review image Considering I have well water, this shampoo leaves my hair very soft, nourished and with more shine. 

Maria P., Shampoo - Moisturizing

5 star review image I’m in love with this toothpaste. I’ve been using a good toothpaste for yrs and this product far surpasses what I was using before. 

Valarie T., Toothpaste

5 star review image I love the clean scent and it doesn’t come from harsh fragrances. My spouse has severe scent allergies and has no issues with this product. Win, win!

Travis L., Laundry Detergent

5 star review image Incredible product! I’ve lost twenty pounds and have kept it off for a year. Added Trim to maintain things. Nothing else like it.

Stephanie T., M3

5 star review image Never jittery and never tired anymore. One of the best supplements for energy.

Ben K., Vigor

5 star review image I’ve been involved in the sports med field for over 21 yrs and have tried everything. Nothing compares to the effectiveness of this product.

Wes P., Sports Rub

5 star review image Vital is full of nutrients,  fruits and vegetables. A product that gives you what you need.

Lisa C., Vital