With Omega 3 Modere has made a product with quality fish oil derived from mackerel, anchovies and sardines. Each serving helps to support cognitive performance, circulatory health, and normal, healthy triglyceride levels.*
Modere Omega-3 contains a potent yet balanced blend of DHA, EPA and fish oils to deliver your daily requirement of essential fatty acids.
The science in regards to omega-3 fatty acids is remarkable. Countless studies show the benefits of fish oil and what fatty acids can do for your heart, mind and body. We’re convinced, and so should you be. Simply put, adding omega-3’s into your diet is one of the smartest, most sensible things you can do for your general health. If you take supplements in any way, an omega-3 supplement should top your list. Modere Omega 3 captures the DHA, EPA and essential fish oils you need on a daily basis. It’s a no frills formula that gives exactly what you need in the right amount. Take 2 softgels a day and you’re good.

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Healthy Omega 3's

Modere sources its fish oil sustainable, using smaller, more abundant fish and responsible companies who don’t participate in overfishing. So you can feel good about where your omega-3 supplement is coming from, as well as feeling good about what you’re doing for your body.


· 1000 mg of fish oil from multiple sources*
· 180 mg of EPA to aid with circulatory health*
· 120 mg of DHA to support overall brain health and cognitive performance*
⋅ Helps to promote the natural gastrointestinal tract processes for healthier living*
⋅ 100% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin-E
· Helps with maintenance of healthy triglyceride (LDL) levels already within normal range*
· Easy-to-take softgels*