Time is precious, so why not use the time you are sleeping to get your face just right. By using Modere Night Cream you get perfect skin while you recharge. The best part is that there is 2 formulas, so all you need to do is choose the one for your skin type.

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Night Cream For Dry Skin

Modere Night Cream for Dry Skin moisturizes your skin while you sleep and is designed with a cooling cucumber scent.
Our dry skin night cream is made with natural botanicals to sooth dryness and calm redness, softening, moisturizing, and protecting your skin over the long haul. Several peptides visibly reduce the depth and visibility of wrinkles, especially around the forehead and eyes, so your skin looks so supple. These spa quality ingredients work synergistically in our Night Cream while you sleep to help restore the skin’s luminosity, resilience and firmness.


• Preserves youthful skin with vitamins E & A and proper nightly hydration
• Delivers incredible moisture while you sleep for a rested & rejuvenated appearance
• Made with natural botanicals
• Keeps in vital nutrients for the skin
• Revitalizes the skin’s elasticity & fullness
• Adds in a spa-like aspect to your skin process
• PETA-certified cruelty free – No animal testing
• Refreshing, cool cucumber scent

Modere Night Cream Dry Skin tube

Night Cream For Combination Skin

Modere Night Cream for Combination Skin balances troublesome combination skin by enhancing and hydrating, all while you’re asleep.
You already know just how difficult it is to keep combination skin in check, because you live with it daily. We created this Combination Skin Night Cream for this exact reason. It performs the tricky job of moisturizing combination skin, providing vital overnight hydration and using pure sunflower and chestnut seed extracts to bolster the skin without angering your complexion.


• With a special mix of botanical extracts and light moisturizing agents achieving rejuvenated and rested skin is so simple you can do it in your sleep.
• Protects & Enriches the skin to create a complexion that feels & looks truly beautiful.
• Uses a special blend of skin conditioners without added oils.
• Created with natural botanicals
• PETA-certified cruelty free – No animal testing
• Enjoy being spoiled at night time
• Spa like feel to the process

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