Jam packed with essential minerals and vitamins, Modere Adult Multivitamin is a well-balanced vitamin supplement that aids in supporting vitality and general health. Modere Multivitamin features a proprietary formula containing vital nutrients, including twenty one vitamins, minerals and a blend of herbs for daily health support.*
Your bodies systems and processes rely on proper nutrition in order to function properly and support your healthy lifestyle. Minerals and vitamins are especially important for proper body function. Your body can synthesize a hand full of vitamins, but, it’s necessary to get most vitamins in adequate quantities from food and supplements. We’ve developed this special formula to help supply the minerals and vitamins your body requires. Modere vitamins have been specially designed to help meet the body’s requirements for many critical fat and water soluble vitamins, as well as macros & trace minerals. With a unique blend of essential nutrients, this Adult Multivitamin supports the many body systems including the immune and circulatory systems, as well as supports feelings of well-being and body stamina.*

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• Excellent source of seventeen vitamins and minerals*
• Supports antioxidant capacity and anti-aging processes*
• Helps to support normal absorption during digestion*
• Supports metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates*
• Supports skin, bone, muscle, and joint*
• No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

Modere Multivitamin Review

Love this multivitamin for it’s balanced general nutrition.

Kristin M.

Taking a good multiviamin is important to me. I like knowing that this one is clean and not full of junk.

Katlyn L.

Modere Multivitamin Ingredients

Modere Vitamin label