Modere Multi-Surface Cleaner is engineered with biodegradable ingredients and plant-derived surfactants that effectively remove dirt, grease, and grime from pretty much any household surface. Versatile enough for any room in your home, this formula uses surfactants and baking soda to clean hard surfaces to shine and freshen upholstery.
When life throws a big mess your way, be prepared with Modere Multi Surface Cleaner. From dirt & dust to hard-water stains to hardened grease, to dried up spaghetti sauce, this handy spray offers powerful cleaning on hard surfaces and upholstery throughout your home. We’ve left out all of the harsh chemicals so you can feel good about using it in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and more.

Clean Dining Room


•Strong degreasing agents get through the toughest of messes without using phosphates or chlorine bleach
•Effective on hard surfaces as well as upholstery and fabrics
•No streaky residue
•Eliminates odors without harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach
•Fresh citrus scent
•Gray-water safe & readily biodegradable **

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Modere Multi Purpose Cleaner

Modere Multi-surface cleaner bottle

*Plant derived ingredients
** Readily biodegradable according to OECD 301D
protocol testing. Gray-water safe according to OECD
208 protocol.