Modere Mineral Supplement provides an excellent supply of amino acids, minerals and antioxidants to bridge dietary gaps and help support overall well-being. Experience the famous Sundance Sea minerals in our Mineral Supplement.
Modern diets can be missing key nutrients. Modere Minerals fills in vital nutritional gaps, giving your body essential amino acids, trace minerals and vitamins harvested from ancient Sundance Sea salt mines.
In today’s convenience-focused, fast paced society, it’s often hard to find the time to cook meals that nourish the body as they should. All too often we find ourselves missing out on what the body truly needs. In essence, we’re sacrificing nutrition for convenience. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Actually, you can have both convenience and nutrition with Modere’s Mineral Supplement. A small tbsp, taken daily, can do wonderful things for your body. Taking Modere Mineral Supplement can actually help better the effects of taking a quality multivitamin as well. minerals and vitamins work synergistically meaning they work better when paired up with each other.

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· Liquid form for faster absorption
· Contains minerals from the ancient Sundance Sea floor
· Created with a sea salt ingredient containing naturally-occurring levels of over sixty trace minerals to balance out your diet
· 30+ million bottles sold globally
· Includes amino acid and antioxidant blends to fight free radicals and promote healthy muscles*
· Complements and fills gaps in average diets
· Increases cellular concentrations of minerals, helping with day-to-day functions and overall well-being*
· Amino acid blend helps to support the maintenance of muscle tissue*
· Naturally-derived blend of grape seed, blueberry, orange, and strawberry extracts supports antioxidant capacity *
· Promotes a resilient, healthy, normal immune response*
· Fulvic acid increases the uptake and bioavailability of nutrients into your body*
· Gluten-Free & Vegetarian formula