Modere Meal Replacement is a vegetarian blend that has all the required fats, carbohydrates, and proteins for complete, well rounded meals for calorie reduced diets. Perfect for those with a fast paced life or to help personal weight loss goals.
Modere Vanilla Meal Replacement shake is formulated with pea protein that provides vital nutrients you’ll find in a normal well rounded meal. The natural vanilla flavor makes each serving a tasty treat. What’s not to like?

Vanilla flavor for Modere Meal replacement

So much more than a regular protein shake, our special blend of fats, carbs, vitamins and protein means you can view this shake as a proper meal and not just a supplement for after a workout session. It’s also perfect for vegetarians. By combining vitamins, honey powder and vegetable protein you get all the nutrition you need with the tasty, naturally sweetened vanilla flavor you want. From helping you fit proper nutrition into a packed schedule or supporting your weight loss goals, Modere Pure Vanilla Meal Replacement helps you get what your body needs in a delicious, convenient shake.
This Vanilla Meal Replacement was designed with you in mind. Whether you are facing the challenge of a few stubborn pounds or an active, busy lifestyle that gets in the way of a balanced, healthy diet. This product can really save the day.

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• Made with pea protein, which can help delay hunger*
• Pea protein isolate offers a blend of amino acids to help support recovery after exercise and muscle synthesis *
• Vitamin complex gets you the needed nutrients for a well rounded meal*
• Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian protein powder formula is great for special diets
• Just six grams of net carbs/ serving
• Great source of fiber
• Blends easily with water or milk. Also try using almond milk and your favorite fruits & veggies for meal replacement variety
• Tasty natural vanilla flavor
• Low-calories to help support your weight loss goals

Modere Vanilla Meal Replacement Label

Modere Vanilla Meal Replacement Label