Modere Laundry Powder was developed to provide a genuine cleaning experience. We’ve used only clean rinsing, detergents and stain fighting oxygenating boosters to get through the toughest of dirt and grime. We’ve left out the questionable chemicals, and the fragrances and dyes that can cause problems with sensitive skin as well. It’s actually gentle enough to be used on a newborn’s clothes due to the fact that it leaves nothing behind.

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• Certified by the EPA’s Safer Choice program
•Greywater tested and readily biodegradable*
• Usable with standard and high efficiency (HE) washers
• Formulated to be great for sensitive skin
• Whites stay white and brights stay bright thanks to our non-chlorinated bleaching agent
• Extremely effective stain removal properties even at lower temps


Sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, sodium percarbonate,
sodium alkyl aryl sulfonate, linear alcohol ethoxylate.

* full mineralization achieved according to OECD 310D
protocol testing

EPA info

Cleans really well. It dissolves nicely. My laundry smells and feels so soft and clean.


Nice and clean with no harmful chemicals. I love it.


Great smell that isn’t overpowering. Very surprised that such a small amount does such a good job cleaning.