Today’s busy lifestyles can take a toll on even the most health conscious individuals or the most dedicated of diets. That’s why Modere Green Qi was developed. This unique blend is engineered to help with balancing your daily diet.

Busy lifestyles need Green Qi by Modere

We all strive for balance but too often, we get dragged down by hectic lifestyles that encourage bad diet choices and prevents us from recovering properly. This results in our bodies not feeling properly nourished, and this leads us to feel even less balanced. Having a lack of energy is an obvious sign, but missing out on essential nutrients that are in healthy foods can have significant effects on our wellness over the long term. In order to get the daily dose of phytonutrients and healthy compounds available in Green Qi, your home would have to look like a vegetable market! There are 25+ sources of phytonutrients in each and every scoop.

Enter Green Qi:Modere has created a proprietary formula that takes natures best and distills it into a useful supplement. Inspired by Chinese traditional philosophy, Modere Green Qi has been formulated to benefit your overall well-being and vitality. The ingredients provide a rich source of phytonutrients that enhance your daily diet and aid in you living clean.
Green Qi contains a very specific blend of herbs, marine greens, berry extracts, fruit as well as grasses designed to help with balancing your diet.
This is an easy way to eat your greens, just like your momma always told you to.

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• Designed with twenty-six active ingredients in each and every scoop
• Powerful blend of herbs, marine greens, mushrooms, fruit extracts, grasses and a probiotic
• Grasses & Herbs help to balance your diet and take charge of your health

Modere Green Qi Label

Modere Green Qi Label