Freshen, eliminate odors and enjoy the clean, uplifting water lily fragrance with every spray. Battling persistent household odors? Let Modere Fresh Space come to your rescue, with safe yet serious odor-eliminating ingredients scientifically shown to vanquish foul aromas at their source.

FreshSpace has been successfully tested on tobacco smoke and pungent kitchen odors, and without the propellants (such as propane) often found in conventional air fresheners. How can something so safe work so well? Fresh Space binds to bad odor molecules, neutralizing and removing them from the sensory spectrum—and all in a non-toxic*, propellant-free formula.
In independent tests, even the worst kitchen odors were dramatically reduced after just 15 minutes. Leaving a light, mood-enhancing water lily fragrance, it is safe, water soluble and ultra-effective, even in low concentrations. Use it to freshen long-stored bedding and clothes, eliminate lingering cooking odors, refresh your upholstery or bring new life to your litter box. This air freshener a must for your office, kitchen, bathroom, and suitcase (so you’re always prepared). Make every space you visit a Fresh Space.

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· Scientifically shown to neutralize odors at their source without the use of
common propellants like propane
· All-in-one formula effectively freshens bathrooms, kitchens, waste baskets,
furniture, car interiors, apparel and more
· Provides clean-label confidence
· Non-aerosol bottle is recyclable and eco-friendly

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