The brand new and improved Modere Focus Plus formula has powerful herbs like gotu kola to help you focus more effectively and for longer periods of time. These ingredients work together to support concentration, clarity without the caffeine crash.*

Busy people can help stay focused with Focus Plus by Modere

Focus. Modere gets that it’s sometimes hard to be your best and keep things straight. Did I already pay that bill? What was the password again? Where did I just put my keys? We all struggle with our memory as we get older, with multitasking forcing our ability to focus right out the window. Struggling to keep our ducks in a row and fighting to stay on task means we’re often left in a state of mental fatigue and sluggishness. Focus Plus was designed with these issues in mind, so to speak. This formula blends the most highly thought of brain-boosting herbals to help you stay on task and keep focused.* Bacopa, gingko and gotu kola help keep your mind on target so you can stay effective. Take Focus Plus to help with concentration and to keep your memory keen.

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• Made with plant derived, caffeine-free, drug-free alternatives to aid you with work, studying or to just increase focus on the important task at hand*
• Helps with mental performance and aids with the reduction of fatigue*
• Made with Phosphatidylserine, a vegan source of learning and memory function supports*
• Supports acuity & mental sharpness*
• 1.5x the gotu kola, 3x the bacopa monniera and 2x the gingko biloba
• New and improved formulation

Modere Focus Plus Label

Modere Focus Label