Modere Eye Health contains a blend of key extracts and vitamins, designed to help protect and defend your eyes from the daily battle of eye fatigue as well the effect of blue light from digital devices.
Most people don’t worry about their eye health until they start feeling the effects of standard age related vision changes. But you don’t need to be most people. Your eyes work hard for you daily, so why not keep them protected against age related vision changes with Modere’s Eye Health.*
This formula features Northern European bilberries, which are high in anthocyanins. These have huge antioxidant potential and are critical to achieving bilberry’s peak nutritional properties. Bilberry also contains bioflavonoids that help to support normal vision and along with vitamin C, it gets a boost to its antioxidant, free-radical-fighting abilities. Our Eye Health supplement also has ten milligrams of lutein, which is obtained from natural marigold flowers, which is known for its natural antioxidant properties and eye health. Lutein helps with filtering blue light while helping to maintain proper function of the visual process.*

Protect your eyes with the Modere eye health supplement

The combo of these ingredients delivers benefits known in both modern science as well as ancient lore and as very important for eye health. In this current, high-tech world, filled with the many digital devices with which we need to interact with a daily basis, it’s more critical now than ever to take a minute to take care of your eyes.

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• Bilberry as well as vitamins A, C, & E offer important antioxidants for overall eye health*
• Helps protect against normal vision changes related to age*
• Supports normal vision and macular health*
• Zeaxanthin and lutein help protect your eyes by filtering out blue light from digital devices*