Go for this amazing super fruit blend and skip the crash. As well as being packed with all-natural fruit, Modere Energy Shot offers a burst of energy while also providing you with key nutrients.*
When it comes time for an energy boost, you don’t want a pick-me-up packed with synthetic chemicals and refined sugars that gives you a quick buzz and then makes you crash. You want natural energy, from a supplement packed with the delicious building block ingredients your body needs to produce and sustain energy over time.*

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Crack open a Modere Energy Shot, and you’re releasing a blend of incredible ingredients designed to increase and maintain your energy, focus, and endurance, naturally! Energy Shot is packed with nutrient-dense Amazonian acai berry, a delicious antioxidant fruit blend, green tea leaf extract and guarana seed extract. You’ll find the energy and focus you need to stay on target for the rest of your day, with no crash or negative aftereffects. This superfruit supplement is formulated with natural colors, natural flavors, natural sweeteners, providing sustained natural energy.
A tasty fruit combination of clean, naturally functional ingredients made to give you an extra edge for your day by boosting your energy.


• Natural energy boost*
• Increased alertness*
• Supports the body’s energy expenditure*
• Supports healthy metabolism*
• Supports the body’s thermogenic process*
• 11 fruit blend supports antioxidant capacity*

• Non-GMO, No sugar added, No artificial flavors or sweeteners
• One hundred percent plant-derived energy, created with eleven fruits
• Steady, long lasting energy with just 1/2 the caffeine of leading brands

Modere Energy Shot Label

Modere Energy Shot Label