Endurance:Modere has a product for that too.

The rare cordyceps mushroom is prized by traditional Chinese herbalists because it supports physical endurance. This product adds in adaptogenic rhodiola to support mind and body even further.

Cordyceps Sinensis

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Are you looking for a performance edge? Look no further. Modere Endurance features one of the most valued and rarest of mushrooms by traditional Chinese herbalists. The cordyceps is known for its stamina promoting properties.*
Endurance additionally features an adaptogenic herb called rhodiola that is prized as a excellent source of mind and body support.*
What’s even more is the clean capsule delivery minimizes the number of fillers and binders, so you get a pure and more potent Endurance with each & every serving.


• Promotes endurance, stamina and vitality.*
• Helps you accomplish more, reach further and go longer.
• Contains extracts & herbs that support the body.*
• Purer capsule formula with fewer fillers & binders.

Modere Endurance Label

Modere Endurance Label