Modere Dish Wash uses a strong combination of plant-derived surfactants* to offer a high-sudsing, non-toxic formula that will leave your dishes clean and the air scented with the aroma of clementines.
This Dish Soap is real tough on grease and oil but gentle on your hands. Formulated without phosphates, 1,4 dioxane, dyes, SLS, triclosan,NPE or DEA, this ultra concentrated formula lets you wash a full sink of dishes with just a little amount. Use this clementine scented product to fill your sink up with bubbles, and simply remove oil, residue and baked on grease from your pots, pans and dishes. Modere Dish Wash has been tested to be gray water safe and readily biodegradable, which means it’s greener and safer for the environment, even after it’s been washed down the drain. Tough on messes but gentle and moisturizing on your hands, this Dish Wash is safer for you, your family plus the environment.

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kitchen sink with water running


· Grey Water safe & readily biodegradable
· Tested to biodegrade in three weeks†
· Our concentrated formulation cuts through baked-on grease and oils on metal, ceramic, glass, plastic, as well as stoneware
· Beautifully clean dishes without any streaking or water-spots
· Fresh scent of clementines

Modere Dish Wash

Modere Dish Wash bottle

† for customers under normal conditions of use.