With this Deodorant Modere has created something that provides long-lasting odor protection, using pure, naturally derived ingredients. Things such as the natural deodorizing benefits of eucalyptus, sage, coriander, and aloe vera to help keep things feeling and smelling fresh. Aluminium free.

Modere Deodorant is very different from your regular store bought deodorant. Our plant-derived formula stops offending body odor in its tracks and breaks up the stink party by naturally neutralizing odour-causing by-products long before they’ve had a chance to cause embarrassing smells.
Modere’s Deodorant uses several well-known, time-trusted botanicals to get the job done. Witch hazel extract, Coriander seed extract, and Eucalyptus leaf extract help to neutralize bad smells in the 1st place. Then Myrrh and Aloe help soothe the skin.

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It’s not just about what’s in the product either. This deodorant simply works while staying away from the controversial ingredients found in most mainstream products. Yes, that includes aluminum salts. This is the best of both worlds with a deodorant that really works in keeping you smelling fantastic, and a formulation that you don’t have to worry about.


•Aloe barbadensis leaf juice from the aloe vera plant is a very well known moisturizer that’s natural properties are said to soothe the skin
•Hamamelis virginiana (aka, witch hazel) extract has powerful properties as a natural astringent making it extremely suitable for underarm care
•Eucalyptus globulus leaf extract is well known for its anti-odorant properties & pleasant smell
•Coriandrum sativum (coriander) seed extract neutralizes odor-causing by-products on your skin
•Salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract aids with providing anti-odorant properties to neutralize odor-causing byproducts on your skin
•Commiphora myrrha resin (myrrh) extract is known for topical use to soothe skin and is one of the world’s most ancient extracts