Modere Day Cream for dry skin types combines anti-aging peptides and natural extracts to moisturize, soothe and replenish dry, parched skin.
This day cream protects against environmental stresses, loads your skin with deep hydration, and helps to support your skin’s luminosity. Visibly restore your skin’s healthy elasticity, complexion and firmness with this deep moisturizer.

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Managing dry skin is always challenging, especially after showering or in drier climates, you know, when your skin requires moisture the most. Our Day Cream Dry Skin thoroughly moisturizes with lipids and natural botanicals, so it works hard at replenishing hydration in each application, leaving your skin looking more luminous and smoother.


• Natural lipids help relieve dryness & make your skin feel silky smooth
• Resurrection plant extracts protect your skin from the looks of premature aging
• Antioxidant-rich botanicals protect your skin against environmental stressors
• Designed to re-hydrate dry skin, help support suppleness and moisture balance
• Vitamins E & C offer skin conditioning and antioxidant benefits
• Scientifically engineered to help with reducing the signs of ageing & give noticeable results quickly
• Intense moisture that offers hydration to dry skin.
• Your skin will feel and look firmer, smoother and hydrated giving off a natural, youthful glow.