Having clean hair is awesome but the real magic comes from whether your hair is properly conditioned. Lock in that moisture and your hair and style will look next level amazing! Just like our shampoo, Modere Conditioner comes in 2 varieties so you get results suited to your hairs needs.

Woman with beautifully conditioned hair

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Conditioner For All Hair Types

Your quest for the ultimate daily hair conditioner is over. Effective without being heavy, yet light enough that you can rinse it out or leave it in for extra conditioning.

• Has keratin amino acids, you know, the stuff your hair is actually made of. These help to fortify damaged hair, making it shinier, feel stronger, and much less prone to damage
•  Will make your hair silky and soft
•  Free from animal fats which can weigh hair down
•  Light formula is even good for leaving in if you are seeking extra soft and lovely locks

Our conditioner has none of the nasty stuff as we’d much rather kick that stuff to the curb. Oh ya, as per the name, it’s really versatile and likes to play with all sorts of hair.

Modere Conditioner container
Modere conditioner for all hair types label

Conditioner For Dry Hair

When you find the correct conditioner not only can it change your hair, it can change your life! If you’re looking for a conditioner for color-treated and dry hair, then look no further.

• Helps to close and seal hair cuticles after you get it coloured. This means better shine and richer color
• Contains antioxidants and rich shea butter
• Keep your color longer. Protects hair against environmental damage and photo-fading

No more fading and frizz just soft, smooth, and static free hair. This is a protective and deep moisturizing conditioner that is formulated with lychee extract , panthenol, and jojoba to get you deep moisturizing abilities while also getting you awesome colour and shine.

Modere Moisturizing Conditioner bottle
Modere Moisturizing Conditioner label