Collagen HA Matrix Technology: The Next Generation Of Collagen

Modere collagen sciences are always at the forefront of everything collagen based and are always pushing the envelope to better the way we can use it. The goal is to redefine the way we perform as well as how we age. Collagen helps with those goals by supporting muscle and joints, promoting connective tissue health, restoring youthful skin, counteracting skin photoaging, and supporting healthy eyes, nails, gums and hair. *

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Collagen: Modere/HA Matrix Results (Liquid Biocell)

*Photos provided by independent representatives and Modere Collagen Sciences customers. Results may vary.

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Clinical trials indicate that Liquid BioCell® can improve joint mobility, can help with promoting healthy connective tissue and cartilage, as well as promoting joint lubrication.


Clinical trials indicate that Liquid BioCell® can counteract your skins natural aging and photoaging from the inside out.
It can help with reducing deep lines & wrinkles, increasing skin’s collagen content, eliminating dryness, as well as improving skin’s micro-circulation, skin tone and hydration.*

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